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Blue Mage

Unlike most jobs, where the abilities you learn you buy with JP, with a Blue Mage, their attacks are Learned through experience. If an enemy attacks them with an appropriate attack, the Mage can then copy the attack. This Mage's effectiveness is based on the ability of the user. It's only strong if you know how.


Choco Esuna-Cures negative status.
Mutilate-Drains enemy HP.
Blaster-Causes petrify or stop status.
Blood Suck-Drains HP, causes blood suck status.
Flame Attack-Fire attack.
Thunder Soul-Lightning attack.
Aqua Soul-Water attack
Ice Soul-Ice attack.
Wind Soul-Wind attack.
Shine Lover-Steals money.
Mind Blast-Causes confusion and berserk
Mimic Titan-Earth attack.
Zombie Touch-Causes undead status.
Look Of Devil-Causes petrify, darkness, silence, don't move, or don't act status.
Spirit Of Life-Restores HP.
Lick-Gives reflect status.
Sudden Cry-Physical attack, instant death.
Ice Bracelet-Ice attack.
Thunder Bracelet-Lightning attack.
Fire Blacelet-Fire attack
Oink-Revives dead character.
Dark Whisper-Random dark damage + dead, sleep.
Pooh-Causes confusion and sleep.


Control 400JP- When attacked, you control the enemy's moves until the enemy is attacked


Learn 350JP- Learn Monster attacks when not a Blue Mage
Equip Whip 300JP- Equip whip when not a blue mage
Equip Boomerang-700JP- Equip Boomerang when not a Blue Mage


Scare 300JP- Naturally drive monsters away from you
Attract 300JP- Naturally attract monsters toward you

Weapons: Knife, Whip, Boomerang

JP to Master: 2250JP


She's my Dream-come-true! Go see our very own messiahofdreams fanart page by clicking on the mage!

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