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Allen Jackson lvl1


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Character Profiles


"I don't take myself too seriously, must be why nobody else does."


Primary Skill:  Punch Art
Secondary Skill:  Time Magic
Reaction: n/a
Support: Gain JP UP
Movement: n/a

Being the son of a martial arts teacher, the arts of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense have always been a part of Allen's life. He started learning at an early age and has slowly progressed, not really grasping the ideas fully. When he was 16, his father had to close his school due to lack of money. Unable to support his son, he sent Allen out into the world with a few words of advice and little else. Allen wandered the lands, trying to make a living by do small favors for people in return for money or anything else they could spare. One day, he helped a poor, old Time Mage named Andrew, who lived alone in a small cottage just outside of Grammatik. Unable to offer payment in gil, Andrew offered him some training in the way of time. Interested by the offer, Allen accepted the invitation. He trained with Andrew for three months until the old man's death, doing small favors and jobs in turn for extra training. In Andrew's final minutes of life he gave Allen all that he owned, thanking him for giving the last months of his life meaning. Allen stayed on in the small house and has slowly become a regular in town, taking on small part-time jobs in the marketplace, making sure to leave time for training.

Punch Art
  • Wave Fist
  • Chakra

Time Magic

  • Haste

Basic Skill

  • Gain JP UP


Controlled by forte_buster
Active since ?
Awards: (held over from Ramza's Revenge) Concrete Pin

Current JP: 50