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Blake Ritts lvl 3


Torin Heath
Arakasi Kimoki
Shard Kincade
Blake Ritts
Risu no Kairu
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Brian Dreyfus
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Alicia Tribo
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William Branvers
Matrim t'Bashere Mandragorian
Leon Neilson
Don Cabraro
Allen Jackson
Character Profiles


"Live each day as if it were your last.  Your actions will mean more to everyone that way."


Primary Skill:  Black Magic
Secondary Skill:  Blue Magic
Reaction:  Control
Support:  Learn
Weapon:  Fire Rod

Blake was raised in a military academy since he was old enough to attend school.  Being the third born in his family, it was tradition that he become a warrior.
After graduating, he joined the military and took up Black and Blue Magic.  Both forms of offensive magic appealed to him.  He also took up an interest in foreign and lost language.  He has enrolled in the Masonite Army Liguistics Department and is currently studying several languages.
Since he was eighteen and he met Torin, they have been best friends.  Torin and Blake were comrades all through training and he hopes in battle for a long time.

Black Magic
  • Fire
  • Bolt
  • Ice

Blue Magic

  • Control
  • Learn
  • Goblin Punch

Current JP:  350