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Switch Tyrannis lvl 2


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Switch Tyrannis
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Character Profiles


"Where's your crown king nothing?"


Primary Skill:  Battle Skill
Secondary Skill:  White Magic
Reaction:  Weapon Guard
Support:  Attack Up
Weapon:  Training Sword

Switch was born into a middle-class family. His father was a close friend, mentor, and teacher. He taught him in, not the skills of a knight, but of fighting, nothing else. His strength was his skill. Little could hold him back, and his headstrong personality kept him from being cocky of his "above average". On the contrary, he never even displayed a blade unless he was in battle; he was very humble and modest. Later in his life, when the church was beginning to crumble, he became a minister to reassure the people that the church wasn't screwing everyone over and that God was real. The church rebuilt and the faith of the high-class people returned, but, unfortunately the lower class was turning to hatred and crime. Preaching started getting boring, as you can guess, so he finally decided to use his skills in public, and became a paladin. When he was thirty, his father died of old age. Switch wasnt too upset because he knew for a fact that he went to 'a better place' because he was told, so to speak. His father left behind his title of 'lord of the church' and the church was happy to ask switch to be the new lord of the church, so he became Lord Tyranas II. His job didnt mean much to him so he passed the job to someone else, but kept the cool title and used it a lot. When his mother died of old age when switch was 34, he decided there was nothing left to do and decided to leave his town to cross over to Sylvania.

Battle Skill
  • Weapon Guard
White Magic
  • Wall
  • Regen


  • Attack-Up

Controlled by silverpsycho523
Active since 5/20/02

Current JP:  20