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The Warrior's Friend and the Mage's Bitch


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The Warrior's Friend and the Mage's Bitch
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Sales Associate Tavis:

Welcome to my newest store! I hope we can find an item that will suit you well!
After you are done shopping, please use the shopping form below.  This will automatically email itself to me so that I can effeciently update your bank account.

CHARACTER NAME: Put the name of the character making purchase.
GIL AMOUNT: Put how much your bank account is here.
RECEIPT: Put what you are buying and their costs here.
TOTAL: Put what your merchandise total is here.
REMAINING GIL: Put how much gil you should have left here.



Classic Dirk-200 gil
~a solid, reliable knife to start with.

Bone Knife-600 gil
~earth elemental; Made from Dragon Bone because its the easiest grip.

Platinum Blade-1,200 gil
~sharpest blade made. Often prefered for kitchen use!

Bloodletter-1,800 gil
~knife made with grooves in the side to allow for more blood to spill during puncture.

Jagged Edge-2,400
~large cuts in the blade allow for massive, sadist-like attacks.


Training Sword-500 gil
~Great for beginning adventurers!
Rapier-900 gil
~Imported sword with curve.  Made to impress by its (ahem) size.
Ice Brand-2000 gil
~Ice elemental; randomly casts Ice2.  Made to combat bombs and goblins.
Platinum Blade-3000 gil
~Strongest of the metal swords.  Forged only under the extreme heat of fire dragons.
Bastard Sword-6000 gil
~Dark Holy elemental.  Sword fasioned after the same that committed the first fraticide as dictated from The Scriptures.


Tomahawk-250 gil
~Intended for throwing than actual use.  Very light so it may be thrown at a distance and do devastating damage.
Battle Axe-750 gil
~Moderatly weighted axe.  Intended to get new users used to carrying intense weight.
Executioner's Axe-1400 gil
~Randomly causes death sentance.  Small and very sharp.  Causes extreme blood loss at a minor glance
Added Weight-2100 gil
~Extremely heavy axe.  Used more for show than battle.  Only the strongest warriors can use it effectivly.
Goblin Axe 3000 gil
~Very rare, must be attained through raiding goblin camps. 
Deathblow 5000 gil
~Casts Death.  Beware though!  It's inefective against the undead! 


Rod-500 gil
~Oak handle with quartz topper as focus point of spell casting.
Fire Rod-800 gil
~Fire elememtal; Ramdomly casts Fire 2; Strengthens Fire elemental attacks.
Ice Rod-800 gil
~Ice elememtal; Ramdomly casts Ice 2; Strengthens Ice elemental attacks.
Bolt Rod-800 gil
~Bolt elememtal; Ramdomly casts Bolt 2; Strengthens Bolt elemental attacks.
Speed Rod-1200 gil
~Helps in casting magic much faster!  Invented by a sect of Time Mages from the far east.
Pearl Rod-1800 gil
~Holy Elemental; Randomly casts Faith.
Dragon Rod-2500 gil
~Tipped with dragon scales which have stronger magical properties.
Faith Rod-4000 gil
~Always Faith.  Given to Gologros wizards who dedicate their lives to God.


Oak Staff-300 gil
~Sacramental staff given as a gift when a child chooses to join the clergy.
Iron Staff-900 gil
~Used by traveling sages for physical protection from thieves and monsters.
Crystal Ball-1500 gil
~Always Shell.  Crystals are inplanted inside the hook of the staff by skilled tradesmen.
Healing Staff-1500 gil
~Always Regen.  No physical attack power.  Heals allys when contacted.
Lead Staff-2100 gil
~Heavy staff used as a weapon.  Blunt end has strong physical capabilities making the mage a mighty warrior
Dogwood Staff-3000 gil
~Prize given to local priests after twenty years of service.  Dogwood is twisted so it can no longer be carved.  However in the days of St. Ajora, it was widely used as furnature for its strength.  It is said to have twisted forever the day St. Ajora was crucified.


Long Bow-800 gil
~Most common bow.  Used widly in competition.
Hunting Recurve-1500 gil
~Strong recurve used for slaying monsters.  Over 50 pounds of pressure behind each arrow.
Apollo Bow-3000 gil
~Fire elemental.  Gift given to the god Apollo when he was born.
Artemis Bow-3000 gil
~Dark Holy elemental.  Gift given to the goddess Artemis when she was born.
Compound Bow-5000 gil
~Newly invented.  Uses the strength of pullys and wheels to increse attack strength with easy draw!  Can induce over 80 pounds of pressure behind an arrow!


Target Bow-600 gil
~Also used in competition. 
Sidearm-1200 gil
~Always Haste. Smaller version of Target Bow to allow free, fast movement.
Defense Cross-2500 gil
~Always Protect, Weapon Guard.  Oversized bow.  Instructional defense technique directions involving use of the bow included!
Autobow-3500 gil
~Rapidly fires several miniature arrows at once for fast, devastating damage!
Magic Bow-4500 gil
~Based on the same principal as magic rifles.  Magic instantly replenishes after each shot.  DISCLAIMER:  All magic fired is random offensive magic from Black and Yin Yang Magic 


Red Stick-500 gil
~Red symbolizing passion.
Orange Stick-1000 gil
~Orange symbolizing serenity.
Blue Stick-1500 gil
~Blue symbolizing peace.
Green Stick-2000 gil
~Green symbolizing change.
Gold Points-3000 gil
~Gold points grace the ends of this stick, increasing the attack damage with scratches and punctures.


Polearm-1000 gil
~Starter spear.  Only moderate length to get used to the instrument
Fork-1500 gil
~Dual pronged.  Long prongs intended to wound the target's throat, piercing both neck veins 
Trident-2500 gil
~Triple pronged.  Used effectivly, it can defend against other blades.  The three points are made to target the heart and both lungs in the chest.
Javelin-3000 gil
~Named so for its incredible use in the Jump skill.  Can propel the jumper higher into the air for more damage.
Dragon Lance-5000 gil
~Tames monsters when its damage brings them to critical status.


Mythril Gun-1500 gil
~Randomly casts Death.  Simple rifle
Sniper Rifle-3000 gil
~Randomly casts Death.  Always Concentrate.  Very precise.
Glacier Gun-6000 gil
~Randomly fires Ice 1,2, or 3
Blaze Gun-6000 gil
~Randomly fires Fire 1,2, or 3
Blast Gun-6000 gil
~Randomly fires Bolt 1,2, or 3


Elemental Possibilities-1000 gil
~When read from, randomly attacks with different geomancer effects.
Monster Dictionary-2000 gil
~Refrences that command monster abilities and attacks.
Pagan Listings-3000 gil
~Cites different Summon Monsters and randomly calls upon
Transfiguration-4000 gil
~Yin-Yang encyclopedia.  Casts random status magic spells
The Scriptures-5000 gil
~The book of the church.  The Word of God will save (invite) enemies, energize allys (cure) or condemn evil (death sentance, death, pearl, pearl 2, or holy).  Effectiveness depends on Faith of the target.
::DISCLAIMER::  All books are ineffective when victim of Silence.


Mace-500 gil
~Army issue flail.
Scorpion Tail-2000 gil
~Points on the end which inject poison into victims body.
Dreamer-5000 gil
~Induces concussions knocking targets into sleep.


I-Bag-3000 gil
~Clearenced-last years fashion.  I have no clue what possesed women to line purses with goblin skin!
V-Bag-5000 gil
~Sale-Just about to be "so five minutes ago."  Translucent material made from the scarves of ghosts.  Randomly casts undead.
X-Bag-8000 gil
~JUST ARRIVED-Dragon scales adorn the outside of this bag.  Available in green, blue, red, and purple. (hehehe...) Very "Today's Woman."


Leather Whip-300 gil
~For training the user.  Before he trains any monsters
Tamer-900 gil
~Randomly casts Tame.  Used by animal trainers.
Shadow Stay-2000 gil
~Randomly casts Slow and Darkness.  Intended for weakening monsters before capture.
Diamond Frost-2500 gil
~Ice elemental.  Used for training red dragons for show.
Breeze-3500 gil
~Air elemental; Always Float.  Lighter than most whips so when cracked, the sound is almost deafening.
Quetz Whip-4500 gil
~Lightning elemental; Randomly casts Bolt 1,2, or 3.  Magic attack is due to electrical shock created when the whip cracks at its end.


Full Moon-900 gil
~Rounded blade on outside edge of ring cuts slices superficial wounds.
Crecent Moon-1200 gil
~Blades on L-shaped boomerang chops through enemies.
Southern Cross-3000 gil
~X-shaped boomerang has expanded range.  Weapon is charmed to cast abnormal status magic.
Triad-5000 gil
~Holy elemental; Randomly casts Holy.  Triangular form represents the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in Golagros beliefs.

Ninja Swords

Ninja Blade-700 gil
~A ninja's starting weapon of choice.  Well rounded to suit a broad area of needs.
Secret Knife-1,200 gil
~Shortened to hide themselves and make concealment easier.
Flat Blade-2,000 gil
~Blade is thinner to cut through flesh effectivly.
Royal Twins-8,000
~Sold as a set (so you only need to buy one) These swords are adorned with gold handles that are fasioned after the gemini twins, Romulus and Remus.

Samurai Swords

Asura Knife-500 gil
~White Sword is luminated by the weilders purity.
Koutetsu Knife-1500 gil
~A tiger is engraved on the base of the blade.  Its spirit resides withing the sword
Bizen Boat-2000 gil
~The spirit of a lost sailor is trapped within the blade.  His soul is traveling to Heaven and the sword is its avatar.
Murasame-3000 gil
~Sharpest sword ever made.  Capable of cutting thick slabs of rock.
Heavens Cloud-5000 gil
~Replica of a dragon's tail that according to Sylvania legend, destroyed a Samurai village.
Kiyomori-7000 gil
~Legendary sword used by St. Fugima when he defeated Lucavi.
Masamune-8000 gil
~Quoted to be the first sword ever in existance.  It has been blamed for tempting man into turning away from God toward War.
Muramasa-9000 gil
~Dark sword said to have the soul of a vampire living in it. At midnight it has been said that it moans for bloodshed to feed itself.
Chirijiraden-10000 gil
~The legendary Odin used this sword when his own had been broken during his last battle.  He gave it to his comrade when he died.


Lyre-800 gil
~Starting instrument for the future musician!
Romeo Harp-1500 gil
~Randomly casts Confusion.  Played by forlorn lovers who are grieving their missing halves.
Bloody Strings-3000 gil
~Music drains listeners of thier power and gives it to the player.  Said to have been played by the goddess Circe.
Fairy Harp-5000 gil
~Randomly Charms enemy.  According to legend, these harps were used by the Sirens to lure sailors' ships to a rocky doom.
Cherub's Harp-8000 gil
~Always Reraise.  It is said when an angel is sent to earth, they are given a harp and can not return to heaven unless they have the harp.  Only a few are in existance so perhaps angels are walking among us.


Suez-800 gil
~Light white cotton to keep bearer cool, and protect from sunlight.
Navajo-1500 gil
~Dyed natural fibers are woven and used in sacred dances.
Siberian-3000 gil
~Thick fleece keeps the wearer warm without heavy layers.
Persia-5000 gil
~Lightweight and see-through to add to its sexy allure.
Vegas-6000 gil
~Unknown origins.  However it comes in chartruce and fushia and is covered with large sequins.


Oaken Shield-300 gil
~small wooden shield that attaches to your arm to deflect blows. 
Poison Shield-900 gil
~100% evade on all Poison elemental attacks.
Mythril Shield-1300 gil
~Strong metal shield made from alloy which allows for its light weight.
Crystal Shield-2000 gil
~Clear shield that can allow the user to see through it, thus eliminating blind spots.
Aegis Shield-4000 gil
~Halves Fire, Ice, and Bolt
Reflect Shield-6500 gil
~Always Reflect



Magic Gauntlet-2000 gil
~Glove that strengthens magic attack
Gauntlet-3000 gil
~Metal glove that strengthens physical attacks
Brass Knuckles-4000 gil
~"paperweight" that strengthens bare fisted attacking
Thief Glove-6000 gil
~Knit cotton glove that increases stealing success rate 


Fairy Ring-500 gil
~Thin pink sparkly ring that protects from poison and blind.
Lucky Ring-800 gil
~adds <maintainance>
Mood Ring-1200 gil
~halves all elemental attacks (excludes magic).  Comes with chart that reveals your immediate disposition.
Diamond Ring-2500 gil
~Larger carot size upon request.  Absorbs Ice elemental attacks
Reflect Ring-4000 gil
~Casts reflect on wearer
Pearl Ring-5000 gil
~Made with a rare pearl only found in oceans which are thousands of miles away.  Absorbs Holy elemental attacks
Angel Ring-6000 gil
~Brings the wearer into reraise into battle (warning: only reraises once per battle)


Cherche (perfume)- 4000 gil
~Helps in the aid of finding men.  Always: Float and Reflect.
Salty Rage (perfume)- 5000 gil
~Smells of a foreign ocean.  Always: Protect and Shell
Résistez (cologne)- 4000 gil
~Heavy musk that keeps unsavory females away.  Cancle: Charm, Confuse, and Allure
Foi Droite (cologne) 5000 gil
~Made from sacrificial insence.  Add: Faith Cancle: Innocent


Defense Armlet-2000 gil
~Cancle: Don't Act, Don't Move
Blue Guard-3000 gil
~Aid for aspiring blue mages.  Add <Monster Talk>, <Train>, <Monster Skill>
Ruby Bracelet-4000 gil
~Gold chain with ruby band.  Absorbs Fire attacks.
108 Gems-6000 gil
~Enchanted by ancient magic.  Cancle: Blood Suck, Frog, Undead, Poison.  Strengthens all elements.


Masonic Boots-1000 gil
~Masonic army issue boots.  Add <Defence Up>
Sylvanian Boots-1200 gil
~Sylvanina defence issue boots.  Add <Magic Defend Up>
Cork Sandals-1500 gil
~Clogs made of cork.  Add <Walk on Water>
Rubber Shoes-3000 gil
~Put spring in your step!  Absorbs Bolt
Asylum Boots-5000 gil
~Exported Asylum air force issue boots.  Add <Fly>