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helmet crest on black

Bold... Honorable... Strong... It's easy to see why you'd look at being a knight. Their greatest strength is in their ability to break weapons and armor to pieces! They also can lend their shield and sword to other jobs through their support. Also I love thier "Weapon Guard" skill. It randomly parry's an attack with the weapon equipped!

Battle Skill

Head Break 300JP- Destroys target's helmet.
Armor Break 400JP- Destroys target's armor.
Shield Break 300JP- Destroys target's shield.
Weapon Break 400JP- Destroys target's weapon.
Magic Break 250JP- Lowers target's MP.
Speed Break 250JP- Lowers target's speed.
Power Break 250JP- Lowers target's physical attack.
Mind Break 250JP-


Weapon Guard 200JP- Parry attacks with weapon.


Equip Armor 500JP- Can equip armor and helmets.
Equip Shield 250JP- Can equip shields.
Equip Sword 400JP- Can equip swords.



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Thank You Zakky for the shot! To see the rest of Zakky's stuff, click the pic!

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Weapons: Sword, Knight Sword

JP to master: 3750 JP