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To say that Monks are the best job to be in the game... you're probably right. They are emmesnly strong for never equipping a weapon. The can fight short or long range, have the ability "Chakra" which repleneshed HP and "Stigma Magic" which cures Status Ailments or "Revive" which brings back the KO'd. Also, "Counter" is great to retaliate, or maybe you screw retaliation and get in the first swing with "Hamedo." Whatever you choose, Monks are definitly where its at!


Spin Fist 150JP- Physical attack.
Repeating Fist 300JP- Physical attack.
Wave Fist 300JP- Magic attack.
Earth Slash 600JP- Earth attack.
Secret Fist 300JP- Causes Death Sentence.
Stigma Magic 200JP- Cancels most abnormal status.
Chakra 350JP- Restores HP and MP.
Revive 500JP- Revives Dead.


HP Restore 500JP- Restore HP when critical.
Counter 300JP- Counter-attack when attacked.
Hamedo 1200JP- Turn enemy's attack into yours.


Martial Arts 200JP- Raises unarmed attack strength.


Move-HP UP 300JP- Restores HP each move.

Weapons: None

JP to Master: 5200JP


Raise the Roof for Minako and the Kenshou Dojo, Click on the shot for the full Monty!

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