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Red Mage

Red Mages have kind of become a forgotton Wizard which is a shame because in my opinion they are one of the best wizards in the game. They are the most physically strong mage capable of equipping a sword (gasp)! AND they can cast Black AND white magic, AND the can cast two spells in one turn! This is a good thing because their spells only go to Level 2 but still, Red Mages are one of my favorites!


*Learning a spell here doesn't carry over to Black or White Magic. It must be relearned if you start as a red mage

Fire 50JP- Fire attack.
Fire 2 200JP- Fire attack.
Bolt 50JP- Lightning attack.
Bolt 2 200JP- Lightning attack.
Ice 50JP- Ice attack.
Ice 2 200JP- Ice attack.
Poison150JP- Causes Poison status.
Frog 500JP- Causes Frog status.
Cure 50JP- Restores HP.
Cure 2 180JP- Restores HP.
Raise 180JP- Revives dead.
Regen 300JP- Gives Regen status.
Protect70JP- Gives Protect status.
Shell 70JP- Gives Shell status.


Double Back-Jump a space back avoiding an attack- 600JP


Double Magic-use magic spells twice in one turn- 2000JP




Kudos to these FF1 fans! Click the pic to see thier gallery!

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Weapons: Knife, Sword, Rod, Staff

JP to Master: 4850JP