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Although Squire's are the very basic job on the Warrior Pyramid, they have a few great abilities that you can't miss having! I would strongly suggest "Gain-JP up." It doubles your normal 50 JP a day! "Throw Stone" is a great insult to any foe, and what can beat "accumulate" when you're just shy a HP or two.

Basic Skill

Accumulate 300JP- Charges up one's power to raise physical attack power

Dash 80JP- Run into enemy with one's body

Throw Stone 90JP- Throw stone at a distant enemy

Heal 150JP- Recover from abnormal status effects


Counter Tackle 180JP- Counter with dash attack


Equip Axe 170JP- Equip axe regardless of job

Monster Skill 200JP- Target friendly monster within a range of 3 acquires new abilities

Defend 50JP- Defend and prepare for attack

Gained Jp Up 200JP- Doubles JP per day


Move+1 200JP- Increase movement range by 1

Weapons: Sword, Knife, Axe, Flail

JP to master: 1,620 JP

sdsquire: 180 pixels

Kudos to Minako! Click the pic to see his gallery!

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