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Do you see his stuff. It's better than your stuff. Well if you're a thief, HIS stuff can become YOUR stuff in a heartbeat! The "Steal" skill is pretty self explanitory, but there is nothing better than ruining a knight by taking his Chaos Blade.

Gil Taking 10JP- Steal Gil.
Steal Heart 150JP- Charms opposite sex.
Steal Helmet 350JP- Steal target's helmet.
Steal Armor 450JP-Steal target's armor.
Steal Shield 350JP- Steal target's shield.
Steal Weapon 600JP- Steal target's weapon.
Steal Accessory 500JP- Steal target's accessory.
Steal Experience 250JP- Steal EXP from target.


Caution 200JP- "Defend" when attacked.
Gilgame Heart 200JP- Receive gil = to damage.
Catch 200JP- Obtain items thrown at you.


Secret Hunt 200JP- Poach killed monsters.


Move+2 520JP- Movement range +2.
Jump+2 480JP- Jump height +2

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

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Weapons: Knife

JP to Master: 4460 JP

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.tlxinv.guestbook