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Zodiac Brave Story


Pull up a chair.  I'll gladly share what I've heard lately!

The Golagros Executions-5/29/XX
About three months ago, 6 Glabados missionaries were sent to preach the word of God in Sylvania who have been mixing Glabados with their ancient pagan beliefs.  When the missionaries arrived in the Sylvanian capital, they were killed on the spot on order from Emperor Kai.  Because of the outrage from the missionaries families in Masonite, the attack has been perceived as a direct attack on Masonite.  The Senator in Chief has placed a few small brigades along the border below the mountain ridge that seperates northern Masonite and Sylvania.

The Stolen Plans-6/2/XX
It was reported to Masonite authorities that plans for the Red XIII, the first motorbike, were stolen last night.  It is a major setback for the transportation industry because motorbikes can be produced at a fraction of the cost that motorcars can.  Although it has yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the infamous thief, Todd "LoneWolf" Linette, is responsible for the crime.  The talented criminal is also wanted for stealing in Stroven, Asylum, and Sylvania.  Persons with information are asked to seek out the Masonic authorities.

The Empress Remembered-6/11/XX
The citizens of Sylvania held a rememberence celebration for the late Empress Ina who died of a health complication two years ago.  The death of the Empress marks the day of an economic, political, and culteral downfall for Sylvania because Emporer Kai Ina became depressed from his wife's death and stopped tailoring to the country.  However, in his absense, his daughter Princess Kaia Ina stepped in and took control of the coutry before it fell into a dangerous place.  After the ceremony, the King announced his pride and respect for his daughter who kept the kingdom together and helped him get over grieving.  He announced that she would receive the title "Acting Empress" and assume the same roles as her late mother and work side by side with him.  The decision was widely celebrated by Sylvania who had grown to trust the wise and young Princess over the past years.

Stroven Court Disrupted-6/25/XX
The Stroven Court was holding their annual financial meeting when King Traidor and his cabinet were disrupted by an assassin.  It was said that he materialized out of thin air onto the table they were speaking at.  The assassin cast Death on King Traidor and instanty escaped the same way he appeared.  Fortunatly, the king was wearing a reflect ring and the spell bouced from him into the adjacent empty hallway.  Security has since been increased at Crystal Castle.  The assassin was described by Stroven security as wearing a black armor with a purple cape.  The most distincting feature was his helmit which emmitted yellow eyes like a black mage, and forked into two giant "devil horns."  Peoples with information should contact Stroven government officials.

Uprising on the Masonic Front-7/23/XX
There was a revolt and uprising on the northernmost section of the Masonic border.  Several of the Paladins were upset at guarding the border they deemed not worth protecting du to lack of activity.  Several wanted to return to their families and jobs while a few held higher positions in government and wanted to return to their responsibilities.  The archers shot their way past the diminuative knight faction (because archers are more effective in the mountainous part of the border) and left their posts.  There were 3 casualties and the Paladins are wanted for AWOL and murder.

Economic Boost in Rowe-8/18/XX
Economists reported that business would be slow during the dog days of summer this year-however the opposite has proven true!  King Corolos's nephew is graduating from the Warde Academy and the "Playboy King" is planning a feast of giant propotions for his future heir.  Going above and beyond the need for food and music, the king is hiring decorators, outside kitchen help, artisans, sculptors, flowers, and of course, beer!  It seems every shop in town has been requested to do something for the party.  Preparations have been made for the party extremely early as so all problems will have time to be corrected.  Thankfully to meet the work demand, many of the contract businessess employed the out-of-work economists.

Peace Talks in Progress-10/27/XX
Tension has mounted since the Missionaries have been killed.  Although Glabados Church is seeking compensation, the King Corolos of Masonite is looking for a peaceful means of resolution.  Although the date has not been set, It is believed that King Corolos, Senator-in-Chief Page Wasaki, and High Priest Tarodine, will be meeting with Sylvania's esteemed Emperor Kai, and Acting Empress Kaia Ina.