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History is fated to repeat itself again.  Memory if fogged by what is myth and what is truth.  Defining the difference is a battle all in itself.  To do this, Fate has chosen a new leader and a band of strong warriors to save earth again. Choose your job, choose your weapon, and join...

FFT: Serpentarius's Story


Hello Hello!

Lots of good stuff going down lately!  Let's get talking!

First off, I got a job!  Woo Hoo!  I am working for practically minimum wage at the Dandy Mini Mart.  It's full time though, and its not so chock-full-o-responsibility as my last job.  So now, I can work on going to college at Mansfield University.  So things are coming together.

Wow.  I got rejected for Real World Paris.  Who would have thought it?  Well, maybe next time around.  Frankly I wouldn't want to be on a Real World set in Paris anyway.  France is just too gay for me.

So, plotline, plotline, plotline.  Well, Matrim finally got that broom stuck up his ass, broken off as Torin got his "Latino Confrontation Face" on. (Old Ramza's Revenge joke.)  In any event, Matrim is gone for now-but it's all good because we are going toe-to-toe with Wanted Man, Todd Linette himself.  Hmmm, Let's play Blue's Clues.  We know hes a badguy.  He's stolen a Zodiac Stone, and there are mysterious pictures of monsters featured at the group.  I wonder what it all means...

So, updates are in.  I updated the character profiles that were sent to me like I directed, Todd Linette opened up at Zodiac Brave Story, and the Bank got updated too.  Are there mistakes-You bet!  Some people didn't email thier stats to serpmod@yahoo.com like they were supposed to.  If you want it fixed, email them to that address, and I will get right on it.

That's all she wrote!  If you wanna get a hold of me you can always email me at tavisryanking@yahoo.com or you can snail mail me at:

Tavis King

C/o Serpentarius's Story

20 Main Street Apt 3

Towanda, PA 18848


Now, where did I put that shoulderpad?


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"Can You Teach Me How To Rave?"
No, but listen to this anyway.


I wanna be a White Mage too!


Rumor has it that there are 40+ jobs in FFTactics-Advance.  I predect far fewer.  Check out this article that states only certain races can acquire certain jobs.  It ranks high on the suckiness chart for me.

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a mage who uses persuasion to influence enemies

talkative; charismatic; influential
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

Hey guys!  If you have time, take this test!  It will tell you what Final Fantasy class you are!  I am a natural Bard, but I don't think I am, so I tweaked the quiz (seven times) til I got Mediator.  But the coolest part is at the end of the quiz, it gives you the HTML to make a button and prove what class you are!  If you want, let me know what you are and I will make a page saying what classes we are!

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