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Zodiac Brave Story


Masonite:  Ruling Kingdom for more than two hundred years, currently in the fourth members of its first royal family, the Corolos'. 
  • Rowe-Center of commerce in Masonite.  Formerly the capital-The position was moved to keep the King and parlaiment as far as possible away from all borders.
  • Grammatik-Known for its universities, specializing in foreign and dead languages.  Many modern day intellectuals congregate here.

Border Castle:  An ancient castle built long ago-It became a landmark as the boundry between Masonite and Sylvania.  Although it was originally built by Masonite, it has served as a military fort for both countries.  Currently it is too rotted and broken down to use anymore.

Sylvania:  Neighboring country to Masonite to the eastern border, Sylvania is 600 years old and in its third royal family, the Ina's.  Known as the "Eastern Culture" this country culture is more fastened in its old ways relying on more primitive and secretive military factions rather than the heavyweight strong knights of Masonite.
  • Bayer-Hometown to St. Lucas Galvin and St. Adriane Vance.  Their shrines are both located here.