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The timeline is here to help catch up late starting group members who need to be caught up on what's going on. I will also admit I hate people who are too lazy to read through back posts and expect me to tell what happened over the course of months in a matter of minutes. So here is my compromise. Use this as a reference to what's happened thus far.

8/15/02-The party is at the Border camp and receives briefing from Captain Ricci. The captain informs them that the Senator-in-chief will be passing through the camp today, returning from speaking to Sylvania representatives about the captive missionaries.
8/15/02-8/16/02-Torin and party are sent through the jungle to secure a particular location. As they go through the jungle they find an old jungle glyphic castle. Blake studies the glyphs and recognizes them. However he can't make them out. The party progresses. While waiting, the party is attacked by Goblins and Morbols ambush them.
8/16/02-As they reach the location, they are attacked by what the enemies call themselves a Sylvania search party. (Squires, Archers, Thieves, led by a Knight.)  After the location is secure Blake goes back to the Glyphic Temple to study the Glyphs.
8/17/02-8/19/02-After the location is secure, the party sets up came.  After they begin to relax, they are attacked by a search party (Wizards, Priests, Chemists, and Archers, led by a Lancer) who demanded the "Serpent Stone."  Torin defeats the lancer with an unusually strong finish.  After the fight, Torin leaves to find Blake, but he is missing.  All that is left is his book he wrote the Glyphs in.
8/20/02-Senator-in-chief Page Wasaki informs King Corolos at a party that the eastern front was attacked and defeated by Sylvanian Troops.  King Corolos refuses to counter attack Sylvania because they attacked the front-but took no ground.  He orders Wasaki to set up a peace conference between them and Emperor Kai and Acting Empress Kaia Ina.  He also asks for the presence of High Priest Nealon Tarodine.
8/21/02-The Party retreats to Rowe.  When they arrive, they find Captain Ricci who was also driven back from the front.  He tells them he saw Blake being captured and he was organizing an attack on the attacking faction of, which set up camp in an abandoned Border Castle.  The party volunteers.
8/21/02-8/23/02-As Torin leaves the bar, a monk escaping a theft attacks him, and mysteriously turns him into a frog.  After much confusion, the offenders are caught.  When they return the stolen item responsible for the transformation, Madam Kisaragi explains the power of Gems.
8/24/02-8/24/02-Captain Ricci leads the party through the jungle to Border Castle where Blake is being held.  As they try to sneak in back, they are caught in a pincer attack between Knights with Chemists and Lancers.
8/25/02-Captain Ricci orders Torin to lead the party into the Border Castle.  As he enters, he hears Blake cry for help.  They enter the chamber and are confronted by Lord Camdor.  Lord Camdor offers to release Blake in exchange for Torin's pendant.  Blake tells Torin that the stone has magical power and not to give it to him.  When Lord Camdor tries to kill Blake, Blake casts Flare on Camdor and himself.  When the Flare attack ends, Lord Camdor kills Blake.  As the party tries to attack Camdor, Captain Ricci exposes that he was working with Camdor to get the stone.  They escape and the party fights among themselves until Torin starts attacking Matrim, and gets knocked out while wounding Katrina.
8/29/02-8/31/02-The Party goes to the nearby town, Grammatik, known for their knowledge in languages. They meet Tallos and he refers them to Byblos, who has the ability to read and translate every language known to man (he just doesnt explain how he does it). Byblos reads and translates the notes as the Serpentarius Legend. When Byblos attacks a linguist who shouts at Torin, the party escapes and, he joins the party.
8/31/02-As they leave Grammatik, Summoners, Knights, and Black Mages led by an Arc Knight are under orders to capture them for AWOL. They were sent by the military to arrest the party for fleeing the army. They party defeats them and decides to escape the army by fleeing into Sylvania.
9/12/02-Charged with AWOL, the party flees to Bayer in Sylvania. At the border, Biggs and Wedge who are Bounty Hunters attack them. With them is a Black and Yellow Chocobo. After the Battle, they escape.
9/13/02-When they get to Bayer, they learn about how Sylvania studies Glabados versus Masonite at a parade. They believe that God gave the power of the elements to 12 acolytes who later became Saints and are now leaders in Heaven. He says that they have sensed a disruption in the elements for a long time now and that recently that has resulted in severe natural disasters. They also say that when the missionary thieves were discovered, they had already stolen sacred scrolls from the Temple of St. Adriane Vance. They also learn a tornado has been torturing the town.
10/3/02-10/17/02-While in Bayer, a tornado hits and destroys part of the town.  They learn that two horrible monsters known as the Sirens control the wind, and have stolen that power from the Temple of Saint. Lucas.
10/21/02-The party goes to the Temple of St. Lucas, and are attacked by the temple's former caretakers, Oracles and Samurai all in float.  They attacked them because the Sirens' cast "allure" on them to do their bidding.
10/27/02-After the guards are defeated, they meet the Sirens-Two female Bards. They have human shaped bodies, except they have Eagle wings. It is said their song lures people to come close, where they eat their flesh like ravens.  After the party defeats the sirens, they discover a letter from Aglaope, that directs them to the Gemini Stone. Torin notices that the stone is very similar to the Serpentarius.
11/14/02-They return to Bayer during another tornado attack. Torin uses Gemini and it absorbs the Tornado.
11/28/02-The mayor consults his oracle, and tells Torin that the balance of wind has become more stable while he holds the zodiac stone. He asks Torin to take it, so that they arent attacked by tornadoes again. He also tells them that Baccus is having problems with earthquakes, and asks them to go with his messenger there, because the towns are close friends.
11/29/02-They arrive in Baccus where everyone is miserably sober. They normally make wine from grapes, but the earth dried up when the "pitcher stone" was stolen and nothing will grow. All they know about the thief is that he rode a motorbike.