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The Rowe Bank


Serpentarius Legend
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The Warrior's Friend and the Mage's Bitch
Zodiac Brave Story
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The Rowe Bank
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FFT Serpentarius's Story


Angry Bank Teller Sabin:
Here is where all of your characters' funds will be recorded.  Transactions should be made at the store.  You can not transfer funds from one character to another without the bank manager's approval.  Take your damn lollipop and have a nice day.

  • Torin Heath-1474 gil
  • Arakasi Kimoki-988 gil
  • Destin Adel Ablen-235 gil
  • Matrim Mandragorian- 1321 gil
  • Katrina-573 gil
  • Marcus Demeray-584 gil
  • Clyte Untild-1792 gil
  • Switch Tyrannis-635 gil
  • Ray Kanaratsu-552 gil
  • Pamela Morgan-587 gil
  • Brian Dreyfus-828 gil
  • Lily Rithus-466 gil
  • Kyden Rithus-766 gil
  • Christolf von Rachten-512