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If you have played FFT Ramza's Revenge you are familiar with the Award system with the pins.  However, if you aren't let me explain.  These pins are awarded to you when you have written exceptional posts during our battles.  As you will see, each pin encompasses an ability associated with a different job. 
Now for this game the pins are going to be very important.  To be promoted to your next job (See the Jobs page) you will have to have attained three FFT awards.  Now, along with being exceptional in your writing I will also be awarding the Bronze Pin, as an honerable mention for an overall performance during the month. 
I am including the winning characters who have won the awards from FFT: Ramza's Revenge because they won them and I certainly would never take them away.

The Stone Pin (associated with squire job)

The key to being a good leader is know when to be a good follower. If you follow orders from a higher power and are extremely successful because of it you will recieve this award.

RECIPIENTS: Rad, Thrice, played by

The Quartz pin (associated with chemist job)

This award goes to a person who realizes the best offense is a great defense. Not taking the spotlight and healing the front line fighters is the criteria for this award.

RECIPIENTS: Shard Kincade, played by Xellos95

The Steel Pin (associated with knight job)

Chivalry, honor, courage and great strength under dire circumstances will win you this award.

RECIPIENTS: Lord Knell, played by
lord_knell,  Marivel Valeria, played by marivel_valeria ,and Marco Tribo, played by Sabin_03

The Onyx pin (associated with wizard job)

Recieving OR inflicting great Black Magic and living to tell about it.

The Pearl pin (associated with priest job)

Using the healing power of White magic to heal or purify a situation.

RECIPIENTS: Zell Dincht, played by
stone_0_5, and Warde Aan'Allien, played by sentry_wolf

The Gold pin (associated with thief job)

There is honor among thieves (English Proverb) Use your ability of "borrowing" to change the tide of a situation.

RECIPIENTS: Corbin Rose, played by
neonacid, King Tavis played by tavisryanking, and Shard Kincade, played by Xellos95

The Flint pin (associated with archer job)

If you "shoot stuff" really really well and a lot, you will get this.

The Blarney Pin (associated with mediator job)

Without peace, there could be no war, ergo, with peaceful talk we can avoid fighting. If you talk out a situation which could be bloody, you recieve this award.

The Oxide pin (associated with time mage job)

Time controls age, life, and everything. If you use time to the best of its ability you recive this gift.

The Moonstone Pin (associated with oracle job)

If you cause problems for the enemy and change them into stuff, or keep them away from the other players, or help the other players by casting spells to help them, you get this award.

The Concrete Pin (associated with monk job)

This pin is for relying solely on physical attack, even in dire circumstances where Moogle could even help.

RECIPIENTS: Raz Tornel, played by

The Mood Pin (associated with Geomancer job)

(We got this one at a dollar store.) Using the geography of the area to affect the battle.

RECIPIENTS: Torin Heath, played by serpmod 

The Malachite Pin (associated with summoner job)

Are you a wuss? Can't fight your own battles? Call a big naked woman to do it for you! Getting monsters to fight your battles is what this is all about. "Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power! Shiva!"

The Scale Pin (associated with Lancer job)

If you stop in the middle of a battle and think, "WWDD?" (What Would Dragons Do?") you will get this pin.

RECIPIENTS: Miana Sra'Day, played by

The Sapphire Pin (associated with Ninja Job)

When you take your work personally, passionately, and seriously, you will get this award.

RECPIENTS: Aquarius Hyral, played by Sukoor Red Eye

The Iron Pin (Associated with Samurai)

Say you convince Kate Moss that disembowelment is the trend of the future, you get this pin. Or if you understand the true nature of battle. Or if you know the question to the answer 42, you get this pin. (only h2g2ers need apply.)

The Copper Pin (associated with Calculator job)

If you think that mathematical equations can save your life in a battle, you deserve this "award".

RECIPIENTS: King Tavis, played by

The Ivory pin (associated with bard job)

"Sunny came home with a list of names,
She didn't believe in transcendance,
Its time for a few small repairs she said,
Sunny came home with a vengance"
~Shaun Colvin
Who says songs can't scare people?

The textile Pin (associated with Dancer job)

"I see you baby!....shaking that ass, shaking that ass!"
If you have the courage to dance all night, and feel alright, especially if you feel feverish on a Saturday evening, you get this pin.

The Shiny Plastic Pin (Associated with Mime job)

If you lack originality, and go with whatever anyone else is doing, including jumping off the bridge when everyone else does it, you will probably be the recipient of another dollar store find.

The Tiger's Eye Pin (Associated with Blue Mage job)

If you are in touch with nature and animals and self alike, you will receive this pin

RECIPIENTS: Miana Sra'Day played by

The Mind Pin (Associated with Telekinetic job)

I predict that you are reading this pins description right now. You are wondering, "What do I need to get it?" You require great mental abilities. You must lift a things with your mind that no mere mortal can lift. You must have the ability to do what I just did. Read minds.

The Ruby Pin (Associated with Red Mage job)
Diversity is very important in battle and it is a skill that will go rewarded if you can prove your abilities to multitask in the battlefield.
RECIPIENTS:  Amber Maydatak, played by Elameck , and Franka Limon, played by iheartmargarita
Bronze Pin (not associated with a job)(FFT Serpentarius' Story only)
This pin is awarded to those characters who player has written a post of superior quality. Posting a really good post that catches a founder's eye may earn you this pin.
RECIPIENTS: Brian Dreyfus, played by gast_ii
Diamond Pin (not associated with a job)(FFT Ramza's Revenge only)
This pin is awarded to those characters who player has written a post of superior quality. Posting a really good post that catches a founder's eye may earn you this pin.
RECIPIENTS: Sabin Figaro, played by Sabin_03
Platinum Pin (not associated with a job)(FFT Ramza's Revenge only)
For posting above and beyond the call of the founder. Continuously posting in a way that moves the storyline along in the absence of the club founder may earn you this pin.
RECIPIENTS: Sukoor Red Eye, Elameck, and Sabin_03