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Periodically, we have contests here at the Serp page.  I am going to put the three most recent ones here, and then archive the rest of them as we go.  So, look at the winners of what we have won!

The "Let's Think of Cool Contest Ideas" Contest
Due to the fact that NO ONE entered the last contest, I am grugingly looking into other areas of contestry (little known fact-Very similiar to chemestry!).  There will be no grand prize winner for this one.  If I use your idea at any time, I will give you 250 gil at the time of use for any ONE character of choice (in other words, you can't split it up.).  Send all entries to  Put Contest Idea's Contest as the subject line.

Costume Contest

Our next contest is going to be a photography/costume contest.  I want to see the FFT jobs updated to clothing of our time.  The winner will receive a custome job costume of their choice made by iheartmargarita.  Each job is a different catagory, and the winner of each catagory will receive a cast prize of 500 gil to start the game.  Of those catagory winners, one will be chosen to be the winner of the contest.  Pictures can be emailed to or if you do not have a scanner, you can snail mail them to me at
Tavis King
c/o Costume Contest
7 Mix Avenue Apt 2
Towanda, PA 18848
If you need help, use the examples that we did on the Job Photo's page.  The Contest will end at the end of August.  Good Luck!
There are job specific rules below for each job.  So be sure to look at the catagories you want to do and see they are up to par.
Squire-No limitations
Chemist-Must have a potion bag of some sort
Knight-Don't worry about armor.  Just try to get the cape down.
Archer-Should have a bow.  Should be green.
Red Mage-must be red.
White Mage-White outfits will satisfy.  But Red triangles will get you bonus points.
Black Mage-Must have a brimmed hat.  Must have part of their face covered up.
Time Mage-A star like the one on their hat should appear on the costume somewhere.
Summoner-Must have the point on their forhead.
Blue Mage-Must have a blue mask of some kind
Thief-No limitations.
Mediator-No limitations.
Oracle-No limitations
Geomancer-Feel free to take LOTS OF LIBERTY.  I don't want to see anyone exposed.  Just stick to earthtones.
Lancer-If you can do the dragon helmet-good.  It's not required, but if you don't have one, try to find some kind of hat (Like the one Freya has in FF9).
Samurai-No limitations.
Ninja-No limitations.
Calculator-No limitations
Bard-No limitations (yes females can do this job for the pics)
Dancer-No limitations (yes men can do this job for the pics)
Mime-Men should do Mocking Bird costume, Women should do Copy Cat costume.
Telekinetic-Must be shiny!
Winner: None!  Because you all are lazy and you suck!
Status:  Abandoned

The Final Fantasy Tactics Horrendously Difficult Test for the Clinically Insane
This was our first contest and we had an awesome turnout.  I devised a 50 multiple choice test based on the Zodiac Brave Story and the FFT gameplay.  Obscure facts and trick questions abound!  However the prize was worth my teasing-A SAVE THE QUEEN sword from Buk K online!  Aftet the month of June in 2002, We had a winner and several new members from the contest!  Congratulations witty_screenname!  You are the wittiest!  Check out the rankings to see how everyone fared.  The percentages are for added humor content.
Grand Prize Winner-witty_screenname
witty_screenname-31/50   62%
riso_no_kairu-26/50   52%
sabin_03-16/50   32%
iheartmargarita-14/50   28%
sentry_wolf-13/50   26%
swb502-11/50   22%
xellos95-11/50   22%
elameck-10/50   20%
nhawk79-8/50  16%
Thanks you all for participating and allowing me to humiliate you.  It brought me great pleasure!  If you would like to see the test's answers, click here.  Or, if you haven't taken the test yet and want to, click here.