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The Final Fantasy Tactics Horrendously Difficult Test for the Clinically Insane Answers


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Here is a list of all the answers.  There are trick questions and unfair answers, but you have to accept that this is the hardest test ever.  If you have a problem with that, then I suggest you take it to the Bugblatter Beast of Traal.  At the end of the answers there is a grid to judge your correct answers by.

1. What city is Elidibs from?

    1. Gariland

On the Map screen, if you point to Gariland and push select it will give you the brief history of the city, and it will name Gariland the home of Elidibs, a hero from the Fifty Year War.

2. Why did Rofel give Dycedarg Capricorn?

     D.   To give Adremelk a vessel

Yeah, he lied to Dycedarg about the Churchs trust in him. He knew he was the only one evil enough for the stone. As according to

3. What did Ramza use as a surname with Gafgarion?

  1. Ruglia

4. Name the priest who turned Reis into a holy dragon.

  1. Buremonda

5. Who leads Limberry?

  1. Elmdor

Dycedarg governs Igros Castle, Draclau rules Limberry, and Goltana controls Lesalia.

6. Where did Marquis Elmdor die first?

     B.   Fuse Plains

You learn this by reading rumors in Chapter 2. His death pre-vampiredom is during a battle between the Nanten and the Hokuten.

7. What is Rofel's last name?

  1. Woodring

8. Olan is what to Ovelia?

  1. Cousin

As according to

9. A Glacier Gun shoots what?

  1. Fire

Glitch City. The Blaze Gun shoots Ice. Go figure.

10. Where do you get Esceuchen II?

       C.  Nevleska Temple

11. Where does Byblos first appear?

  1. Library of Ancients

Ha Ha! I fooled ALL of you who took the test! Trick question city. Byblos first appeared in FFV as the boss in the library of ancients. I never said it was within Tactics (avoids the thrown paraphanalia).

12. Germonik is symbolic of who?

      C.  Judas

Im not saying its bad to not be Christian, but everyone should have a decent grasp on the life of Jesus Christ. Judas (One of the 12 acolytes) turned Jesus in to the Jews for money. This is how his execution started. Germonik did the same to St. Ajora (he was a paid spy).

13. What isn't Olan called in relation to T.G. Cid?

       B.   Foster Son

I bet family get-togethers are hell for the Cidoflas family.

14. Who is being coronated when Olan tries to introduce the "Durai Report?"

       D. Clemence

It says it in the epilogue at the end of the game.

15. "Throw" strength is determined by what?

        C.   Speed

As is stealing-something I did not know before. Use Ramzas Yell on a Ninja between throws and it gets about 5 HP stronger. Very cool.

16. Which is not a weapon compatable with "Two Sword?"

      C.   Cloth

17. What job has "Move-MP up?"

       B.   Oracle

18. Which can Meliadoul equip naturally?

  1. Lances

Meliadoul kicks so much ass. I tried to throw you for a loop because she can also equip Bowguns naturally, but not bows. I like giving her Equip Change and Jump. Shes so great custpomizing on the field between Mighty Sword and Jump. It makes life good.

19. What is the High Priest's first name?

       B.   Marge

I was hoping to throw you for a loop my putting his LAST name in (Funeral) and then see if youd fall for the Clairence/Clemence thing. Kudos if you didnt fall for it.

20. What language was the "Germonik Scriptures" written in?

       C.   Ikoku

Obviously the point of this question wasnt to pick the right answer as it was to fool you with pronunciation. I had fun!

21. Where don't you fight the undead your first time through?

    1. Sweegy Woods

Did you think you fought skeletons there? Not your first time with Algus and Delita! You fight Goblins and Bombs.

22. Which other Final Fantasy ended the same place you started?

    1. FF

Not directly an FFT question, but they are similar in the fact you start and end in the same place. In Tactics you start and end at the Church. In FF you start and end at the Temple of Fiends.

23. Who poses as Orlandu?

      C. Grenados

This was my favorite question to make! It was a Choice AND a pronunciation question. Golagros is the one who kidnaps Teta. Golagros is what their religion was called. And Gelkanis is Rafa and Malaks last name.

24. Bart Trading Company is caught later in the game doing what?

      C.   Selling Drugs

For A and B, I tried to confuse you with all the other bad stuff they did. For D, That was the proposition you found this out. Only they hired you to GUARD the cart, and when it overturned, you discovered the drugs. I guess since Bart and Draclau were dead they hadnt found good management yet.

25. What monster has "Blowfire?"

       D.   Minitauros

Did I fool you? This question had everything to do with how your mind worked. If you assumed that b/c the bomb family was in the majority, then it had to be one of them, you were WRONG mofo! Blowfire is Minitauros Monster skill.

26. Which of the following can't a unit be turned into?

       A.   Chocobo

This question was a combination of the story and the gameplay. Chick was easy to rule out. But a Great Morbol can turn you into a Morbol with his secret monster skill, and Reis was turned into a Holy Dragon, so obviously it can be done.

27. Who else can learn Ultima?

       B.   Alma

In the final battle when she appears after being possessed, if Bloody Angel casts Ultima on her she can learn it just like Ramza.

28. Which of Worker 8's attacks entail him forming a hammer out of his hand and smashing the enemy?

       B.  Compress

I love this attack. It can do instant Death too.

29. If you were a geomancer, and you were standing on lava rocks, what would your attack be?

      C.   Carve Model

Tricky Tricky! Lava rocks insinuate two elements-Fire and Earth, but which attack would it be? I think this is the best question that isnt a trick question or pronunciation question that I could come up with. Geomancy can be a great thing.

30. What comes at the end of this quote? "Underground souls, rumble! Quake! _____"

       B.   Sky Demon

Are there any Malak fans in the audience? I was hoping that I could throw you off track with an Earth attack that sounded like it was named after a Wind elemental attack.

31. "My Little Carrot" was about a little girl's lost...?

  1. Morbol

I cant believe a sweet little girl would have one of those slime suckers for a loveable pet, and then name him after a sweet healthy vegetable. Some people have a sick sense of humor.

32. Who doesn't have a younger sibling

        D.   Zalbag

Trick question alert! The definition of "sibling" according to Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, sibling is defined as, "one of two individuals having the same parents." Dycedarg and Zalbag had a different mother than Ramza and Alma, therefore they are not siblings.

33. What was St. Ajora's first miracle?

     C.   Declairing a well was poisoned

34. Poaching what will get you echo grass?

      C.   Pisco Demon

You either knew it or you didnt. I dont see how you could deduce this at all.

35. What monster will you never see in battle as an enemy?

      C.   Wild Boar

To get this fella, you have to breed him in your unit inventory.

36. A level two wizard is prerequisite for what?

  1. Time Mage

The easiest answer on the test, but I figured you guys could use a break.

37. The Deep Dungeon titles are in honor of what war?

       B.   Vietnam War

The Titles all have to do with some movie set in the Vietnam War. I forget the movie and Im too lazy to look it up. I just know its the truth. I know the book was called "Heart of Darkness." I liked the book better than the movie.

38. What monster dances?

       D.   Worker 8

When you get Worker 8, he asks you for a command and Ramza tells him to dance, which he promptly does (This is before Worker 8 properly kills Mustadio). Were you thinking of "Dance" as the Battlefield command? Silly fool!

39. What is Delita never?

       D.   Holy Knight

Delita is a simple Knight under Baron Grimss Dark Sheep Knights. He is a White Knight once he starts to work for the Church, and he becomes a Count, by taking T.G. Cids place in Goltanas court. Only Agrias and Wiegraf are ever holy knights.

40. When you meet Olan for the first time, you are...?

       B.   Cold

I love this question a lot too. Did you think I lost my mind? Reguardless how you felt about the situation, you were COLD because there was SNOW on the ground. Frankly, if you were unimpressed with Galaxy Stop, you should be slapped with a chain mail glove.

41. Ovelia was King Omdolia's sister. After he married, she became...?

  1. Omdolias daughter

She was an infant when he was an adult. He took her as his daughter because she was an orphan, and he needed an heir. Once again, I reiterate, I would not want to go to their family reunions.

42. Gafgarion was affiliated with which group of knights during the 50-year war?

       B.   Touten

Little known fact about Gafgarion. He was in this third party group of knights during the fifty year war. But because he was pretty barbaric on the battlefield (maybe it was Dark Swording the women and children. Details, details) they threw him out and he became the entrepreneur we all know and love!

43. Which of the following isn't a province of Ivalice?

      B.   Igros

Although they are all cities, The other three are also provinces, while Igros isnt.

44. Who has the Pisces stone?

  1. Izlude

Yes, Alma had it too. But, you were to choose the best answer out of the choices. Alma had it for thirty seconds before she was kidnapped. Izlude held onto it even while his dad was snacking on his spleen. He deserves the credit.

45. Which is not a name for a random female fighter?

       D. Colleen

They have a list at the FFTactics Investigative Project page. Go look it up. Colleen is how you mispronounce my sisters name, not a character.

46. Which isn't a bug in FFT?

       B.    If your character has more then 97 Faith  Points, he is removed from the party

Its not a bug when its there on purpose.

47. Which weapon has the attack power of 12?

       B.   Oberisk

48. Malak and Rafa belonged to what assassin organization?

       D.   Kamyuja

49. What is the recommended job for succeeding the proposition "Terror of Assault Cave?"

  1. Wizard

50. When you battle at the South Wall of Bethla Garrison, you fight...?

       B.   Kn: 2, Ar: 2, Nj: 1, Th: 2

I thought Id finish the test with the most obscure question I could think of. Well either it wasnt obscure enough, or you guys like that South Wall. Nearly everyone got this one right! I was astounded.

50-40 correct-You cheated and looked at websites.  I don't care what you have to say.  I only ask you sign the guestbook so we may all ostracize you for your blatent remarks for not cheating.
32-39 correct-I have suspicions, but I won't call you on it.  You did better than our contest winner witty_screenname, so it looks like you're a day late and a buck short.
20-31 correct-You know your stuff.  I'm impressed.  You are definitly a "Leading Knight"
10-19 correct-Hey, this score is easy to get if you only played the game once.  Don't take it hard and go play through it again.  I guarantee that a lot will make more sense to you
5-9 correct-You just didn't beat the game yet, that's all.
0-4correct-Did you bother playing the game?  I mean come on, there is no reason you can't get at least 13 right by answering all one letter through the whole thing.  If you got this score on this test, I only hope you aren't in MY RPG.

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