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Sabin the Blue Mage


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Skills learned:
  • Aero
  • Cat Kick
  • Sacrifice
  • Fire Bracelet
  • Moon Flute

Job Levels Gained:

  • Blue Mage
  • Telekinetic

Sabin rented his costume from downtown so off course it was great.  The eye mask he bought and I was gonna pay him back but he kept it so I think he wanted the memento.  The Blue Baret he bought at the festival and made the costume perfect.
His weapon, the chain whip, was a creation thanks to Hitchhiker.  The acrylic handle is a sawed off toilet plunger handle.  we simply screwed in an eye hook and used 30cent per yard chain.  So it ended up a nice six foot chain.
He learned his abilities as we were fighting through the maze.  As we approached different monsters, he'd knock the rest of us down in attempt to cover and then he'd learn the spells.