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Tavis the Priest


Serpentarius Legend
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The Warrior's Friend and the Mage's Bitch
Zodiac Brave Story
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Vacationage 2002
FFT Serpentarius's Story



Skills Learned

  • Throw Shurkin
  • Negotiate
  • Cure 1
  • Cure 2
  • Protect

Gained Job Levels:

  • Priest
  • Mediator
  • Ninja

My costome was made from the pattern Simplicity 9887-B.  Manta and her mother, a real priest I might add, made it and we just glued the red triangles on.  The belt is just rope I bought at the downtown hardware store.  I also had (but lost before we left) leather sandals I found on sale at Payless for $8.  Underneath I'm wearing simple khakis and a white banded collar shirt.  I also bought a red leather pouch while at the fair to compliment the costume.
My weapon is a flagpole I bought at Ames and I cut all the plastic rings off.
I learned my abilities during the festival games, making change, and our boss fight.