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Torin Heath lvl 9


Torin Heath
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Clyte Untild
Shard Kincade
Marcus DeMaray
Brian Dreyfus
Matrim t'Bashere Mandragorian
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Destin Edel Ablen
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Ray Kanaratsu
Kyden Rithus
Christolf von Rachten
Selene Jericho
Ivy Barents
Character Profiles


"I don't understand how life could be so arbitrary."


Primary Skill:  Elemental
Secondary Skill:  Item
Reaction:  Counter Flood
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Movement:  Any Ground
Weapon:  Executioner's Axe

Torin has been raised his whole life by his mother, Abigail Heath.  All he knows about his father is that he was an excellent chemist and was unafraid of any danger-If someone needed healing he would go through hell or high water.  On Torin's eighteenth birthday, Abigail gave him a gift of a bright green stone with gold trim on a chain, that she said his father wanted him to have when he was a man.  Torin is currently in the Masonite Army and is protecting the southern border in case Sylvania attempts to invade Rowe.
Happy, friendly, and down to earth, Torin prides himself on keeping the people around him happy in any situation, reguardless how bleak.


Basic Skill
  • Gained JP-Up


  • Potion
  • Antidote
  • Eye Drops
  • Phoenix Down
  • Echo Grass
  • Maiden's Kiss
  • Soft


  • Mastered!

Controlled by serpmod/tavisryanking
Active since 8/15/02
Awards: Mood Stone Pin

Current JP:  30