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Marcus DeMaray lvl 6


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Character Profiles


"Recieving something isn't the same as earning it."


Primary Skill: Red Magic
Secondary Skill: Item
Reaction: Counter
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Movement: Move-Find Item

Weapon: Training Sword

Life History: Marcus was born into a family that was relatively poor.  Although his family was poor, they were very loving parents.  They taught him how to survive on minimal funds, and that one day, the caste system of the times would be abolished.  His parents were apathetic toward the royalty and nobility and didn't care for class titles or societal class, an attitude which he picked up.  He always disliked nobles, who picked on him and other commoners because of his status.  This animosity peaked and grew to hostile levels when he was thirteen years old and his parents were brutally murdered by a noble and the nobles cronies.  Marcus never found out why his parents were murdered, but hes hated nobles ever since.  Marcus had a hard life, he put the skills his parents taught him to good use.  He did meet a few friends along the way.  His friends all went into the army and have scattered ever since.  But they have come across each other on occasion.  Marcus joined to army where he felt he could work his way up the career ladder to a respectable position, and then, take on the nobles and challenge the caste system.

Attitude: Marcus hates nobles in any way, shape, or form.  As soon as he sees or knows that someone is a noble, he's quick to insult one such person.  And he tosses nobles all into the same party that killed his parents.  The snobbish, and snotty attitudes of nobles sicken him and he finds it nearly impossible to control himself when there is a snotty noble in the vicinity.  Also, he can become hot tempered and even violent when teased or insulted by a noble.  Aside from that, he remains calm for the most part.  Marcus does not believe in societal class, or titles.  But he does honor the titles of those few in higher places who earn his trust.  He can be compassionate and understanding, but those emotions are usually reserved for those few who earn his trust and respect.  Marcus is friendly to fellow commoners, and can even go out of his way to help them.  Sometimes he is quick to pass judgments on others, especially nobles.


Basic Skill

  • Gain JP-Up


  • Potion
  • Phoenix Down
  • Move-Find Item

Punch Arts

  • Counter

Red Magic

  • Fire
  • Fire 2
  • Bolt
  • Bolt 2
  • Ice
  • Ice 2
  • Cure
  • Cure 2
  • Protect
  • Shell
  • Raise


  • Potions-infinite
  • Phoenix Down-1
  • Poison Shield

Controlled by gen_chaos5
Active since 8/15/02

Current JP: 1140