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Arakasi Kimoki lvl 7


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Arakasi Kimoki
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Character Profiles


"When change threatens the rules, the rules change."


Primary Skill: Battle Skill
Secondary Skill: Basic Skill
Reaction: Counter Tackle
Support: Gain JP-Up
Movement: Ignore Hight

Weapon: Training Sword
Shield: Oaken Shield

Appearance: He has spikey orange hair that also comes down into a pony tail. He also has blue eyes. He wears brown boots that go up about half way to his knee, and wears black pants and has a red sash holding them up and a white shirt. He's a bit tall and thin.

Background: Arakasi's father was a knight that was stationed in Rowe, he trained Arakasi on how to use a sword. When Arakasi's father died, he wanted to become a knight like his father and joined the Masonite Army. He hasn't learned the abilites of a knight but he has potental. He is in Torin's unit.


Basic Skill


Battle Skill

  • Power Break
  • Magic Break
  • Speed Break
  • Weapon Break


  • Ignore Hight

Controlled by fearless_bob86
Active since 8/15/02
Awards:  Steel Pin

Current JP: 130