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Brian Dreyfus lvl 6


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Character Profiles



Primary Skill: Think
Secondary Skill: Sing
Reaction: Faint
Support: Gain JP-Up
Movement: Move-Find Item

Accessory: Masonic Boots

Growing up, Brian led a very sheltered life in a peaceful village near Rowe. The peace was shattered one day when a dreadful Cuar started prowling around the village. Brian, a huge klutz, managed to defeat the cuar in a maneuver which involved accidentally tripping when the Cuar lunged at him. The hapless cat flew off the edge of the plateau they were on to its doom. Brian was sent to Rowe to learn military skills that would befit the hero of a village, but was deemd unsuitable for physical training. Learning for the gifts of the mind, Brian trained to be a telekinetic. In Rowe he also discovered a passion for music and also knows Sing skills.


Basic Skill

  • Gain JP-Up


  • Move Find-Item


  • Muddle
  • Mind Crush
  • Mind Crush 2
  • Mind Crush 3
  • Throw
  • Manipulate
  • Faint
  • Levitate
  • Intimidate

Math Skill

  • Distribute


  • Life Song 
  • Cheer Song
  • Battle Song
  • Angel Song 
  • Nameless Song

  • Full Moon

Controlled by gast_ii
Active since 8/15/02
Awards: Bronze Pin

Current JP: 250