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Christolf von Rachten lvl 3


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Character Profiles

"Hold still, will ya?"


Primary Skill:  Charge
Secondary Skill:  Yin-Yang Magic
Reaction:  Arrow Guard
Support:  Defense Up
Weapon:  Long Bow

Christolf's parents were among many fleeing a famine in their homeland of Stroven.  Christolf was born in the Strovenite ghetto in Rowe.  This was a violent place, but Christolf was a rather scrawny boy.  As a result, he studied archery and won his fights that way.  He also studied Yin-yang Magic from his father, a former Glabados oracle.
He now applies these skills in the Masonic Army.  He can hardly keep hold of his wages, because ray keeps winning them gambling.

  • Charge+1
  • Arrow Guard

Yin Yang Magic

  • Blind
  • Pray Faith
  • Defense Up

Controlled by kanaratsu
Active since 1/2/03
Awards:  N/A

Current JP:  50