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Destin Edel Ablen lvl 4


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Character Profiles


"Most people have to act the roles given to them."


Primary Skill:  Steal
Secondary Skill:  White Magic
Reaction:  Meatbone Slash
Support:  Gain-JP Up
Movement:  Move +2

Description: With his blond hair pulled up by a dark crimson headband, you may gaze upon his seemingly boundless azure eyes. He is of normal height for his age, and has a semi-muscle physic. He's extremely quick and agile, and has one of the fastest natural reaction times in his family, the famous Alben's of Albens' Landing.  By natural, I mean others in his family have trained and worked for
faster reactions, like his cousin Saba Alben, the family's renowned prize fighter. He has slightly tan skin from working in the fields, and even after passing the age of working for Alben's he has yet to lose the tan.

History: Growing up on the famous Alben Landing wasn't simple. The hefty farm encompasses several tens of square miles and even more families live off its land. Destin's family was no different. With several fields, he and his two older brothers worked until his three younger brothers could replace them. His four sisters on the other hand were rarely at home, but were less cared for then the other children. Destin just recently was relieved from labor, and now was expected to start a family and take over an open plot on the Landing, and technically his farm work-vacation would be over pending he could raise kids mature enough to take over for him, like he and his brothers did for his father. Only one fact separates Destin from any other Ablen. Destin is blind. Technically, he can see, but he only sees extreme heats and extreme colds. Nonetheless, Destin's grand family developed a treatment within a short time of the accident that took his regular vision. The freak accident involved a metal cooker and his Uncle Mical, the blacksmith. The mishap hurt his Uncle's business for about a year, but he lowered prices and then his family and other buyers promptly reclaimed their trust in him. he cure is quite different then how it sounds. It officially doesn't aid Destin's sight whatsoever, but actually enables spells meant to treat `darkness' cure Destin's sight problem. It lasts about as long as a darkness spell would last if untreated, and when it wears off another remedial spell can be cast and Destin's sight will be restored. Before the cure was found, Destin used a small chicabo to guide him. After finding a cure, Destin took the smaller chocobo-like bird in as a pet.

His condition angers himself, and he wishes he could cure himself permanently and be over with all the hurt the predicament has made. This everlasting pain fuels Destin's anger and made the young boy mature faster then anyone in his vastly huge family. His control is first-class, but still if he is pushed over the edge, he may lose more then he can bear.

The pain led to the anger, the anger led to the fear, and the fear led to the disconnection. Now, sensing he has nowhere to go and no one to go to, Destin gathers all his belongings and runs away from his home, his family, and his heritage.

Basic Skill
  • Gain JP-Up


  • Steal Gil
  • Steal Shield
  • Steal Weapon
  • Steal Exp
  • Move +2
White Magic
  • Esuna

Draw Out

  • Meatbone Slash

Math Skill

  • Move-Get JP

Controlled by stone_0_5
Active since 8/16/02

Current JP:  100