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Pamela Morgan lvl 5


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Character Profiles


"Progress can't be made unless we improve on what we've done."


Primary Skill:  Punch Arts
Secondary Skill:  Steal
Reaction:  Gilgame Heart
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Accessory:  Masonic Boots (with wheels)

Pamela was a thief in Rowe until she stumbled upon a rare gem in a strange shop.  She stole it to bring back to the Thieve's Guild, and in the process of escaping, attacked Torin and turned him into a frog!
The party caught up to her and made her return Torin back to his human state.  She would have returned to the Guild, however because she was training a new member-she refuses to go back at the shame of being caught while teaching new members.  She currenly is traveling with the party, hoping to start her own Thieves' Guild someday.
In her spare time she is also an inventor.  Ever since she put wheels on a pair of Masonic Boots, she has been rollerskating her way into the hearts-and pockets of victims at an intense speed no other thief has attempted.  She also is adapting Punch Arts to be executed with her feet, because she doesn't want to bulk up her arms which would cause her hands to lose their nimbleness.
The age and reasons she joined the Thieves' Guild are known only to her-but it is known her family is alive and they are all estranged from each other.

Basic Skill
  • Gain JP-Up

Punch Arts

  • Wave Fist (Kick)
  • Repeating Fist (Kick)
  • Secret Fist (Kick)
  • Stigma Magic


  • Steal Gil
  • Steal Heart
  • Steal Weapon
  • Steal Accessory
  • Gilgame Heart

Controlled by tavisryanking/serpmod
Active since:  8/21/02

Current JP:  40