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Shard Kincade lvl 5


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Character Profiles


"You do your job, and I'll throw the blue stuff.  Capiche?


Primary Skill: Item
Secondary Skill: Steal
Reaction: Weapon Guard
Support: Secret Hunt
Movement: Move-Find Item

Weapon: Basic Dirk

Description: Long black hair tied back into a ponytail. Steel blue eyes. Tends to wear darker clothes so as to not stand out in a crowd. Keeps items that may be needed in a hurry in pouches along his belt.

History: Shard was born in a small communtity on the border of Asylum to a transient mother who did not live through childbirth. He was adopted by the local apothecary. The old man treated him like a slave for most of his life with him, teaching him only the rudiments of the art. When Shard was 14, he decided he had enough of the life, and set off for the south (while helping himself to a few things in the shack).

After a couple of months, he found a gang in a trade city he was passing through which he fit into as a chemist. While running with them he learned the arts of borrowing and hunting out of season. Using these skills got him by until the gang got busted in a theft in which he wasnt there for. At this point he was 17, and felt the need to travel.


  • Potion
  • Antidote
  • Eye Drops
  • Maiden's Kiss
  • Phoenix down


  • Gil Taking
  • Steal Heart
  • Steal Weapon

  • Potions x infinite
  • Antidotes x infinite
  • Phoenix Downs x 1
  • Iron Sword
  • Polearm

Controlled by Xellos95
Active since 8/16/02
Awards: Quartz Pin, Gold Pin

Current JP: 20