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Marco Tribo lvl 2


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Character Profiles


"A good defense begins with a good offense."


Primary Skill:  Battle Skill
Secondary Skill:  White Magic
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Weapon:  Training Sword
Shield: Oaken Shield

Born into one of the noble families of Masonite, Marco(Mark) is the twin brother of his sister Alicia Tribo. Marco's father, a very well known and wealthy knight, raised him to be an honorful warrior in battle his entire life. He also taught him to balance out his ability and to have a strong defense as well as offense. As he grew older, his taste for adventure grew. On his 20th birthday, he and his sister set out together to explore the world and help anyone in need. When they learned of the border troubles of Masonite and Sylvania, they returned to help defend their home.

Basic Skill
  • Gain JP-Up
  • Attack Up

Battle Skills

  • n/a

White Magic

  • Cure
  • Protect
  • Shell
  • Raise
  • Cure 2

Controlled by: Sabin_03
Active since 8/15/02
Awards: Steel Pin

Current JP:  50