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Leon Neilson lvl 2


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Primary Skill:  Red Magic
Secondary Skill:Draw Out
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Weapon:  Rapier

Leon comes from a long line of ancient samurai, naturally he wanted to follow in his family's line of work. He searched far and high for a tutor to teach him the way of the samurai, he eventually found an old man by the name of Meiyo Ikari. His training was coming fine when his Tutor suffered a heart attack, with his training incomplete he set out to finish his training on his own.

Basic Skill
  • Gain JP-Up

Red Magic

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Bolt
  • Cure
  • Raise
  • Protect

Draw Out

  • Asura
  • Koetetsu

Controlled by Ryo_shinjo2k5
Active since 8/15/03

Current JP:  470