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Razlo lvl 1


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Character Profiles



Primary Skill:  Black Magic
Secondary Skill:  White Magic
Support:  Gain JP-Up
Weapon:  Fire Rod

Razlo was born in a small town Just outside Rowe. In youth, Razlo
caused many accidents with his magical powers, and was able to focus
them into spells. He uses both offensive and curative magic in his
fights, and friends know him to be very caring and thoughtful. He
has jet black hair, a clean shaven face, and is tall and lanky. He
wears bright red robes with a white trim and a hood, which is always
down around his neck. Brown boots can be seen under his robes. He
looks caring and intelligent, with bright green eyes.

Basic Skill
  • Gain-JP Up

White Magic

  • Cure
  • Cure 2
  • Protect
  • Shell

Black Magic

  • Fire
  • Fire 2

Controlled by:  hushtjfk134
Active since 8/16/02

Current JP:  80
Current Gil:  200